Anthony Dickinson

PGA Qualified Professional

Anthony has been a PGA Qualified Professional since 2006 and has over 15 years coaching experience. During this time Anthony has delivered coaching for companies such as Adidas and Hilton Hotels, and has coached at European Tour events including The Open Championship. Anthony has co-ordinated region wide school golf initiatives and was co-founder of Golfxcel Academies, Leeds.

Anthony started playing golf at the age of 13 at Wath Golf Club in Rotherham, where he served as Assistant Professional from 1998 to 2010, and latterly as Head Coach from 2016 to present. As Assistant Professional Anthony graduated from the PGA with honours in the top 10 graduates of his year. Since then he has completed a number of higher learning courses and delivered over 10,000 coaching hours.

As Director of Anthony Dickinson Golf Coaching @ Sheffield Design Studio, Kelham Island, Sheffield; he looks forward to helping you with the issues affecting your game. The comfort and warmth of a private studio will allow you to discuss and develop your swing without the interference of the elements, making your session time more productive.

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Coaching Philosophy 

For many the golf swing is seen as a mystery and its secrets kept to a select few. Anthony’s coaching philosophy is that impact is the overriding factor in all golf shots, and the swing works backwards from there in the simplest way possible. An effective golf swing is one that is repeatable and delivers the club in such a way to produce the required shot.

Anthony is a firm believer that in order to solve a problem you must first understand the cause and effects. Armed with the knowledge of the impact factors and their outcomes, you become the master of your own swing with the ability to recognise and correct any on-course issues within your game.


Utilising Flightscope Launch monitor technology, Anthony can accurately determine which impact factors produce your errant shots.

He will devise a coaching programme to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of why this happens and how to find a solution.